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Out of State Patients
(How to get a 30 Day Temporary License
for purchasing cannabis in Oklahoma)

How to get your temporary medical marijuana license in Oklahoma if you are a medical marijuana license holder in another state, such as Arkansas or Missouri

First, Obtain a medical marijuana license in your home state. This process varies based on your location.

Register for a temporary 30-day license on http://www.omma.ok.gov
Scan and upload the front and back of your driver’s license and medical marijuana card.
Your state ID or driver’s license can serve as your proof of identity and your proof of address if the address on your license is correct.
Download an app called Passport Photo. Use this to take a photograph against a white wall. There should not be anything on the wall. Do not smile and do not wear your eyeglasses.
Upload your photo.
Upload your state medical marijuana license.
Submit application and make payment (currently $100) with a credit or debit card.
Receive approval email within 14 business days.
Card will come in the mail within a few days after you receive your approval email. 

Bring your state medical license and your temporary Oklahoma license to Higher Health.

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Our address is 26428 East Highway 125, Afton, OK 74331
We are on Monkey Island, not in the town of Afton

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