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Pairing Cannabis and The Great Outdoors.

For me, I feel that cannabis is a friend that you take along with you on all of your travels to see the beauty of nature. There's something about inhaling cannabis in between deep breaths of fresh air that makes me feel so connected to the earth.

Seasons are changing and my hiking boots have been pulled out of the back of the closet. My pack is ready to be loaded. Mother nature is ready to be appreciated.

When stepping out into the great outdoors with cannabis as my closest companion, there are several things I consider.

What kind of cannabis should I take? How can I make sure that I am respectful to the earth, as well as others who might be enjoying the area?

I never ever forget the golden rule of smoking cannabis in nature.


I think we can all agree, that even though the remnants might be small, these things have a BIG impact on the planet. So get into the habit of not only discarding all of your trash in designated areas but also picking up any trash you see. Lend mother nature a gentle and helpful hand. She does so much for us. This also includes being conscientious of your heat and fire. Even if your surroundings seem to be moist and safe, it's not. Tossing a roach you THINK is snuffed out could have devastating effects on the ecosystem and ruin areas that are important for many reasons. This brings us to the next thing I never forget. EXTRA WATER. Cannabis and dry mouth can go hand in hand, am I right? So yes, cannabis can dehydrate you, so I always make sure I am doubling up on my water intake. It's also important that I choose a trail or location that I am familiar with. I never want to end up getting too high and too lost.

So, what do I pack when my intention is to connect with the earth? Well, I always make sure I have my pack of prerolls! I like to bring a pack because it gives me a place to store my roaches when I'm finished. It's foolproof. Joints are my go-to method when I

find a nice body of water that I want to put my feet in.

But before I even head out, I'm microdosing with cordyceps mushrooms for energy and lion's mane mushrooms for mental clarity. The capsules made by Blossom Canna come in 1mg or 5mg of RSO combined with these mushrooms and it makes it so convenient!

Another thing I am packing is the Meteor gummies made by Orion. These gummies are 30mg infused with R.S.O. They make me feel like I'm an important part of the universe around me by reducing my inflammation and keeping my mood elevated. Switching from distillate edibles to full-spectrum changed the game!

My high was now associated with more body relaxation and mental focus. I keep the milligrams lower than their 200mg option, as we talked about, I don't want to be too high and too lost.

Last but not least, a dry herb or wax portable vaporizer is almost a given! No fire, highly concentrated, great flavor. The devices available are really dependent on what each user is looking to achieve. I really enjoy my dynavap that can be heated by an electronic coil.

No matter your methods or your intentions, cannabis and nature belong together.

So lace up your boots, pack your stash bag, and go enjoy the sunshine. I'll see you on the trails.