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Orion Cannabis Tablets

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Orion


From Josh - I just wanted you to know that those RSO tablets have been the most effective I’ve ever seen for my mother. She has stage 4 terminal cancer and she has taken a tablet a day and nothing else and last night I saw my mamma dance for the first time post diagnosis (she was diagnosed in the summer of ‘06). Today, she was able to clean and cook. I just wanted to say thank you again and i sincerely hope y’all get more recognition and end up in every dispensary in this state. Y’all deserve it. ❤️

From Dana - I took two 25mg tablets and the effects lasted more than four hours. I notice a LACK of pain during that time. This worked even better than gummies.  The feeling is better.  I would like to use these as my major form of pain control.  Since starting medical marijuana I have decreased my anti-depressant by half. I feel more connected to the world and less "stumbly".  I am once again more interested in my arts.  My fibromyalgia pain has decreased and my arthritis pain has become more manageable.  I can now actually move more like a human and less like an old woman.  LOL.  

Orion Tablets contain full-spectrum cannabis. They are a gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free edible that is discrete enough for any modern cannabis consumer.  They can be found in 10mg or 25mg tablets in medical marijuana dispensaries all over Oklahoma. 


THC levels are tested throughout the blending process and used for dosing the tablets.  THC works with all the cannabinoids & terpenes to create an entourage effect which provides natural relief for a multitude of symptoms.


Different strains (Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid) are produced separately for specific effects.  Indica will help you relax and sleep, while sativa will help give you energy to get through your day. All the tablets help with pain and anxiety as well as numerous other issues. 

Dispensaries Where you Can Find Orion Cannabis Tablets