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Higher Health Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Open 10am - 8pm Daily

All Flower $8/Gram

Or Less

Out the Door

all day every day

H&H Processing Orion Cannabis Tablets Monkey Island Oklahoma
Orion Blending is an Oklahoma Cannabis C
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 Welcome to our Oklahoma native family-run business. We look forward to meeting you!  We believe in A.C.E. - Affordability, Compassion, Education.
We cannot wait to talk to you about our cannabis at our medical marijuana dispensary and our processing center, H&H Processing where we make Orion Cannabis Tablets and Blossom Canna Capsules!

Our dedicated professional budtenders will be happy to spend time teaching you about medical marijuana and how it can help you. Just call or send a message here or on any of the social sites.  We are very responsive. 

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